Children’s Activities

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Signing Hands

Baby signing reduces frustration & crying, helps develop early speech & builds confidence.

Signing Hands courses introduce parents & babies to genuine Auslan (Australian Sign Language) signs through stories, songs, rhymes and play. We have designed our programs for babies, toddlers and day care centres using research based on 10 years of data collected from over 250 courses and more than 1,000 parents.

Learning a few basic signs can help you understand your baby’s needs and desires more fully, resulting in a much more contented baby & parent.
Parents and babies of all ages welome!

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PlayConnect is an invaluable program of playgroup facilitated by a development worker. PlayConnect is for families with young children who have an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or who present with ASD-like characteristics.

PlayConnect playgroups provide a safe, supportive and friendly environment for these young children to experience rewarding play activities and to learn through play. Parents also benefit from shared experiences and access to helpful resources.

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